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Shadow of Colossus(fan-fic) Chapter 3 - Shadow in the Sky

Title: Chapter Three: Shadow in the sky
Fandom: Shadow of Colossus
Summary: Onom slays his second colossi and more...
Author: Eric (Steppinrazor88)
Rating: PG-13 [Language]
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or the game rights, please don't sue

Chapter Three: Shadow in The Sky

After waking up, Onom tried to analyze what he had just seen.  He thought the the young lady he saw was his mother, but she looked to be his age in the dream.  "It's like I was looking through the eyes of someone else!  I wonder who that was talking to my mother?" Onom thought.  He looked around and was surprised to see that he wasn't in the canyon where the battle took place.

He was back inside the Temple!  He got up and noticed that one of the statues had been broken.  "It must have been the statue of the bull I  fought!"  Onom thought to himself.  He first noticed that his shoulder was no longer dislocated.  He then looked down to make sure he still had his sword, he did and he could see the black blood stained all over it.  He felt over his right shoulder to make sure his bow was also still there, which it was.  "What happened?  Last thing I remember, I had killed that bull-like creature and then I blacked out.  Well now what do I do?"  Onom was thinking when he felt a presence near. 

He looked up at the hole in the ceiling and saw nothing.  "We're surprised you took down the first colossus so quickly.  How does it feel?" Dormin's voices boomed out.  Onom looked up into the sky and replied "It felt...good.  When I plunged the sword into his neck for the final blow, I felt like a God!"  Dormin shouted back "A God?  Don't make us laugh, you're nowhere near God-like and you would do well to remember that!  Don't forget your place mortal.  Now, there's no time to rest, the second colossus lies to the north in an open plain.  You will not find this one so easy to slay."  Onom yelled up towards the drifting voices "What do you mean?  How far to the north?"  Onom could barely make out what Dormin said "Shine your sword in the light and it will guide you." 

Onom sighed and walked out into the sunlight.  He heard Savior neighing and he ran over to him.  He shouted out in joy "I forgot all about you boy!  I was wondering how I was going to find the next monster!"  He mounted Savior and took out his sword as he raised it toward the heavens.  It started to shake violently in his hand and a bright light erupted from it.  He could feel it guiding his hand towards the north and he saw the light pointing towards the horizon.  "Well I guess I'll just have to keep heading in that direction until I find the colossus." 

For two days and nights Onom and Savior journeyed across the land.  Onom would break camp every few hours to let Savior rest and to fill his belly.  One early morning while riding, Onom saw an open plain that stood out in the landscape.  He saw what looked like a giant bird's nest in the middle of the field.  He rode over to it, got off Onom and walked around.  He saw baby birds sleeping in the nest, but the babies were as big as he was!  He looked around for the mother, which he was sure was the colossus he had to slay.  He saw no sign of the mother anywhere.  He looked down at the babies and a dark thought entered his head. 

"I have to kill these babies!  I don't want to but, it's the only was I can think of to lure the mother out."  He unsheathed his sword and looked at the babies one last time.  He closed his eyes as he cut the first baby's head off, the warm blood splattered all over his face and clothes.  He could taste the sweet blood, and a fire burned inside him.  He opened his eyes and started slaying the babies with a wicked grin on his face.  The birds were screaming out in pain, crying out for their mother.  Onom cut the last baby in half and could smell the bird's blood that was mixing with the air. 

He looked up at the sky as a giant shadow had flew over him.  He saw a giant bird soaring through the air, screaming out angrily.  The bird was the twice the size of the last colossi! It had sharp talons and a long tail.  It's eyes were blood red and the wings looked like those of an angel, only they were black.  The bird looked like a demon from Hell  All of a sudden Onom didn't have that fire burning inside anymore, he was scared and terrified of what he had just done.  He looked down at his hands and clothes, drenched in blood.  He didn't have time to think about what happened as the colossus had noticed him and was flying towards him. 

He jumped to the left, narrowly dodging the giant bird.  "How the hell am I supposed to get on this damned thing!?"  He looked around for a cliff or a raised portion of land, he found nothing.  The bird moved too fast for him to jump on when it dived at him.  An idea came to his head and he readied his bow.  He aimed for the bird's eye and let go, hitting the colossus right in the eye!  It let out a scream as Onom saw a little bit of blood squirt out.  The bird landed near it's nest to deal with the pain and see if any babies had survived the slaughter.  Onom ran towards the bird, hoping to climb it before it took off again.  He saw the bird lift it's head and wings, as if to take off.  He was close but not as close as he wanted to be so he took a leap of faith as the bird started to fly away. 

He grabbed the end of the colossus's tail with his left hand and held on for dear life while the bird ascended into the sky.  He hanged thousands off feet in the air, trying not to look down.  The bird didn't seem to notice Onom yet and started to soar in a circle around the plain.  Onom took this opportunity to pull himself up onto the tail.  He stayed low to the surface as he worked his way up the colossus's tail. 

He was at the point where the tail began and the back started when he noticed a weak point right beneath where he stood. "I guess they all have a glowing blue spot on their bodies.  I guess I should be happy!"  He raised his sword and brought it down with all his might.  As the blood stained his face and the bird screamed out, Onom felt that fire inside starting up again.  He was a little worried, but he was going to need it to take down this flying beast.  The colossus was flying around wildly, barrel-rolling at times, but Onom had a good grip and in a perfect position as he brought  down the sword over and over again. 

The blue finally faded away and Onom started inching his way up the beast again.  He made it to the neck after a few minutes and noticed two spots, one on each wing.  "Dammit, I'm going to have to take out both wings somehow."  He decided to start on the left wing because the bird was flying sideways and the right wing was up in the air, while the left wing was below and easier to get to.  He acted quickly and let go of his grip and dropped down to the wing before the bird straightened back up.  He waited until the colossus was soaring straight again, and he started to stab away at the wing. 

He no longer wiped the blood away from his face, it seemed he was becoming addicted to the taste of the blood of the colossi.  He delivered one last stab to the wing, when the bird screamed out a death wail and seemed to stop flying in midair.  Onom had severely injured the wing and the bird could no longer fly correctly.  They both plummeted toward the earth at a fast rate.  Onom was no longer on the wing, they were so high up in the air and falling so fast, it was like he was floating.  He looked down at the bird and noticed that they eyes were no longer red, but black and lifeless.  He also noticed that the weak point on the right wing was gone.  "Well it seems I only had to take out one wing.  The fall is probably going to kill the colossus...but that means it will kill me too!" 

Those were his last thoughts as the pain he had last time entered his head again and he passed out while still falling.    
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