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Shadow of Colossus(fan-fic) Chapter Two - First Encounter

Title: Chapter Two: First Encounter
Fandom: Shadow of Colossus
Summary: Onom slays his first colossi and receives an early memory
Author: Eric (Steppinrazor88)
Rating: PG-13 [Language]
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or the game rights, please don't

Chapter Two: First Encounter

    SInce he last saw his mother crying, Onom had been out in the wilderness practicing day and night with his sword and bow.  He had got so good that he could kill anything moving from 100 feet away, with his bow or his sword.  He would wake up with the sun and practice until nightfall.  He would use leaves bound together by lizard tails as a blanket and whatever spare fruit for a pillow.  He could feel himself getting stronger every day and gaining more endurance.

 Finally, while he was practicing his aim one day, he heard the voices from the temple in his head.  "You are ready young wanderer.  The time has come for you to embark on a journey to slay the 17 beasts that stand n the way of you and your memories.  You will need every single bit of strength and intelligence you have gained to defeat the colossi.  Every colossus has a certain point where they can be severely injured.  Some have one while others will have multiple weak points.  The weak points are easily spotted because there will be a glowing blue symbol covering it." said the voices.  Omon replied "Fine! I'm ready, but first, what is your name, who are you, and why did you call me Wander?"  Once again the voices spoke "We are known as "Dormin"...who we are is unimportant and irrelevant.  You will found out soon enough why your name is Wander.  Now go...the first colossi is far to the west and lies deep in deserted canyon."  Omon wanted to ask more but he could sense that "Dormin" was already gone.  "Let's go Savior we have a colossus to slay."

As Onom rides across the vast green plains, he thinks to himself what a colossus is.  He's never seen one, for all he knew it could be some type of monkey!  "This will be probably be easier than expected.  I don't even know why I was worried in the first place."  He rides Savior for what seems like hours until he finally reaches a giant hole in the earth.  He looks down into the hole and sees absolutely nothing but darkness.  "Well how the hell am I supposed to get down there!!"  He picks up a near by rock and drops it into the canyon.  He doesn't even hear it hit the bottom.

  Then he thinks back to when he lost his footing on a cliff, trying to get some fruit.  He thought he was going to fall to his death but, in a last ditch effort, he plummeted his sword in the nearby cliff to slow him down.  He decided  he would try that out on this canyon.  "I have to get down there...this is the only way I can think of!"  He breathed in real deep, drew his sword, and jumped into the canyon.  He had no idea how deep it was, so he had to guess.  He waited a few seconds and then thrust his sword into the wall.  He put one foot on the wall and slid down at a comfortable speed.  After about 10 seconds he finally saw the bottom.  He put his two feet on the ground and pulled his sword out of the wall.  He could see the giant crack in the wall he had left.  "Wow!  I can't believe that worked!  Now how am I going to get bac-" before Onom could finish his sentence he heard a loud roar behind him.

  He quickly turned around to see a giant beast staring at him.  It resembled a bull with long protruding horns coming out the side of it's head.  It looked to be made of stone all over, but Onom could just make out some fur on the colossus's back.  Before Onom could could think up a strategy, the bull charged at him.  Onom quickly rolled to the left and then got up, and jumped on the colossus's back leg.  He couldn't hold on though because it was like trying to hold on to a brick wall.  He fell back down to the ground and rolled around for a little while.  He got up as soon as he could but he couldn't see anything because of all the dust swirling around.  He brushed of the dirt from his clothes and tried to locate the beast again.  He saw the beast had went about 200 feet away from him. 

He ran after it and started yelling at it.  "Turn around you big, ass....monster!"  The clossus couldn't hear him at all.  So Onom took out his bow and shot a couple arrows at the bull's ass.  Once again the beast did not notice anything.  "What the hell?  How am I going to get this thing's attention?" Onom thought out loud.  Then he saw a faint blue color glowing from the colossus's anus.  "That must be one of the weak points Dormin told me about!" yelled out Onom.  So he aimed directly where the blue was emitting from the strongest and shot of an arrow.  The beast let out a angry howl and turned around to face Onom.  "I'm ready for you this time."  Onom said to himself.

  The bull charged again and once again Onom rolled to the left to avoid getting crushed.  He got up and this time instead of jumping on the leg, he jumped and grabbed the bull's tail that Onom had noticed after chasing the beast.  The bull couldn't find Onom and just figured he had crushed him.  Onom started climbing up the tail and about halfway up the bull finally noticed that something was crawling on him.  The beast started running around frantically and shaking his whole body.  Onom held on with all his might while still managing to climb up the tail.  He finally climbed up to the top and let out a sigh of relief.  The bull was still doing all he could to throw Onom off, but now that Onom was on his back, he had a whole bunch of hair to hold on.  The beast ran for a little while longer before tiring itself out.  When this happened Onom jumped up and started running up the beast's back.  He got about halfway to the beast's neck where he could see a hint of blue when he noticed he was standing on a big blue symbol already.

  He dropped to his knees, drew his sword, and brought it down with all his might right in the middle of the symbol.  A very dark liquid shot out of the wound and hit Onom right in the face.  It blinded him and he held on to the colossus with one hand, while trying to wipe the blood out of his eyes with the arm he was holding his sword with.  It was very difficult to do because the beast had been hurt by the stabbing and had started running around wildly.  Onom finally got most of the blood out of his eyes and his vision was blurry, but he could see.  He held on with all his might while getting in little stabs every now and then.  After a few stabs the symbol disappeared  and the beast had tired itself out again.  Onom reacted quickly and ran to the base of the beast's neck where a brightly colored symbol was.

  "This must be the final spot.  It's shining so brightly and it's much bigger than the other one." said Onom.  He stabbed the symbol and the beast let out a roar.  It dropped down to it's knees and for a while, all Onom could see was dust.  He thought he had killed the colossus but he could still feel him breathing.  He got on his knees, lifted his sword into the air with both hands, and brought it down with all of his remaining strength.  The beast shook violently and Onom was tossed a few hundred feet away.  He layed there for a few minutes before being able to move.  When he tried to get back up he noticed he had dislocated his right arm.  "Dammit! I thought I killed this damn thing!" he yelled out.  Then he noticed that the colossus was lying in the distance, lifeless.  He leaped up into the air and started screaming out in happiness.  "I knew I could defeat this thing!"  He was still feeling the adrenaline rush from taking down such a massive animal.  He felt powerful, even God-like.  Then all of a sudden he felt an unbearable pain in his head.  He passed out quickly.

  When he came to, he wasn't really awake.  He could see but he couldn't move and he wasn't in the canyon anymore.  He was in a village and a few yards away he saw Mono, but she was young.  She must of been about his age.  She was pouring water out of a well bucket into her own.  She looked up and noticed him, then she smiled.  "Hey there!  You're --- right?" she said.  Then a voice that seemed to be coming from Omon said "Y..yes that's my name."  Then Mono replied "Well, I have to go so...see you later!"  Then she walked off and left Onom confused about what just happened.  Then he blacked out.
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