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Shadow of Colossus(fan-fic) Chapter One - Unknown Thoughts

Title: Chapter One: Unknown Thoughts
Fandom: Shadow of Colossus
Summary: Young warrior finds out he's not who he thought he was
Author: Eric (Steppinrazor88)
Rating: PG-13 [Language]
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or the game rights, please don't

Chapter One: Unknown Thoughts

    It has been 17 years since the events that split Wander up into two entities happened.  Mono had been taken care of the child that appeared in the Pool of Life as her own child and gave the child a name similar to hers, Onom.  They had lived alone for years but the Garden of Eden had an endless supply of fresh water and animals for them to eat.  There was fruit there too, but one day Mono ate some and fell ill so it was decided no one was to eat the fruit.  Wander's horse, Agro, now named Savior by Mono,  would take Mono and Onom down to the land for fruit if they desired it. 

One day when Onom was a child he asked Mono "Mommy, why are we the only people on this land?  Where did we come from?" Mono replied "You're getting older and I think it's time I told you everything I know about us.  I woke up here one day.  I thought I had been sacrificed by the elders in my village but somebody must have brought me here and revived.  After I woke up, I found you in that puddle you always play in, along with Savior."

  Onom wasn't satisfied with this answer as he wanted to know who he really was. Years passed and one day while out with Savior, he thought he heard voices coming from inside the Temple.  He wandered in and looked at the 17 statues that had always been a mystery to him.  They appeared to be very different and glowing.  He tried to touch one of them but when he got near, he couldn't seem to move his arms.  "What is it you seek young wanderer?" said a loud combination of voices from above.  Omon replied "Who's there? What is it YOU seek? I live here!"  Once again the voices rang out, "You may live here but this is OUR Temple.  We sense you are seeking answers.  Maybe about who you really are?"

 Onom ran to where it seemed the voices where coming from, under a hole in the temple where sun light beemed in.  "Do you know something about me?  Tell me please!" yelled Onom.  "Yes we know about who you are and where you originated from.  But we cannot tell you...we can only give you memoreis of what happened 17 years ago." replied the voices.  Onom's interest was sparked and he smiled.  "Well give me those memories then!"  The voices laughed.  "It is not that simple young one.  Each one of your memories are locked within beings known as Colossi.  There are 17 of them scattered throughout this land.  You must find them and slay them if you wish to know who you are.  This is not all though...there is a price to pay for recieving these lost memories.  You may want to think before you accept.  If you are prepared to pay such a price...then first you must go and practice skills needed to slay a colossi.  There are two items in the Pool of Life waiting for you.  Know that if you take these items then you have accepted the offer to slay the colossi and there is no turning back.....Wander"

  Onom was confused by what the voices had just told him.  "What do you mean MY memories?  What kind of skills must I have in order to kill a colossi?  Why did you call me "Wander?"  The voices did not answer.  Onom decided that finding out his true identity was worth whatever price the voices had spoke of.  He went towards the Pool of Life and found a rusty sword and sheath, a beaten bow, and some dull arrows.  He took these items and fitted them to his clothes.  He went to tell his mother what happened and that he would be leaving on a journey.  "Wander? They called you that name?" his mother said after hearing the story.  Omon said "Yes, Wander is the name they said.  Do you know who that is or why they would call me that?" Mono turned away from Omon and said "No...I....I don't know anything."

  Omon didn't believe this but he let it go because he was ready to go.  "Well I don't know if I'll be coming back mother...I want you to know that I love you." said Omon sadly.  "I love you too Omon.  I wish you wouldn't say such things.  Take Savior with you.  I don't need him.  I hope he can be of some help to you even though he is getting old." replied Mono.  Omon nodded and mounted Savior.  He went down the path that lead to the land he had never explored before.  He looked back one last time to see Mono on her knees sobbing.

Tags: shadow of colossus fan-fic

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