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Switching Identities

Fandom:AU Kingdom Hearts II/Crisis Core??
Summary: Axel and Zack dye each other's hair...
Author: Eric (Steppinrazor88) written for bohemianest
Rating: Smut!! (I usually write fluff so...be gentle)
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or the game rights, please don't sue

Axel/Zack??!! You read right ^o^ It's not strange!! Just read it...please ;__;

Switching Identities

Axel had proposed the crazy idea one day the two were cleaning up their shared apartment. Zack looked at him, staring for a few minutes and then yelling out, "That's a great idea!" He ran over to Axel and kissed him gently on the lips. Axel smiled and replied "Ok! Let's do it right now! I'll go the store and get the dye!"

He put on a shirt, grabbed his keys and headed down the stairs towards his car.  He drove well over the speed limit to the nearest beauty store. He went found the section with the hair dye and begin looking for a red dye that matched his bright red hair. He found one after a few minutes and then picked out a jet black dye for him. He hurried to the counter and paid for the items, practically running out the door after he got his receipt. He headed home, weaving in and out of traffic, blowing the horn at slow drivers or people who wouldn't get out of his way.

He parked the car quickly and ran up the stairs, he couldn't wait to see Zack with red hair. He chuckled a little as he opened the door and say Zack sitting on the couch watching cartoons. "You and your cartoons..." Axel said, waving the bag in Zack's face. "Are you ready to become a red head? Zack stood up and took the bag, heading towards the bathroom. Axel followed him quickly, admiring the other man's almost perfect physique.  The entered the small bathroom and started opening the boxes, putting all the materials in a line.  They took turns applying the dye to each other, sneaking in kisses when they could. It seemed to take forever but they finally finished.

They both looked in the mirror and laughed at each other. "I can't believe how similar we look Axel!" Zack said, looking at Axel and smiling.  Axel grinned back.  "I know, we could almost pass for brothers....you think people are going to be confused when they see us?"  Zack nodded his head. "Yeah, I'm sure we're going to have to explain over and over again who's who." They walked out of the bathroom, it was getting hot in there and they needed some fresh air. "I don't know how to say this but, you look hot with red hair Zack." Axel said as he leaned up on his lover, kissing his neck. Zack took Axel's hand and lead him to the bedroom. "How hot?" he asked with an innocent look on his face. Axel grinned back and pulled some Astroglide from a drawer and started taking Zack's pants off.  "Hot enough to fuck." he said, bending Zack over and applying the lubricant to the other's ass. Zack jumped a little, he still wasn't use to the feeling of lube being put in his ass. Axel pulled out his cock and applied some lube to it also before he entered Zack, grunting a little.

Zack gasped a little at the penetration, another thing he hadn't got used to yet. "Please....be gentle Axel?" he said looking back. "Of course baby." Axel replied as he began to thrust slowly and as gentle as he could. Zack moaned a little and pushed back, arching his back. It still hurt at first, but soon that pain turned into pleasure. He began pushing back harder, rocking faster and whimpering. Axel started moving in and out faster and harder, pulling on Zack's hair. He noticed some of the red dye was getting on his hand and black dye was dripping down his forehead. He kept on going anyway, they could fix it later. "Harder..." Zack moaned out, gripping the sheets and enjoying every minute of it. Axel started ramming into Zack now, no longer worried about Zack. He could feel himself getting closer and closer to climaxing. "Ahhh...Zack I'm about...to-" he finally came and he let out a moan, letting go of Zack's head and collapsing on top of him. He wiped his forehead and looked at his arm, now covered in black dye.

Zack breathed heavily, wiping his own sweat away. He looked back at Axel and smiled. "I think we're going to have to dye our hair again..."
Tags: axel, smut, zack

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