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Shadow of Colossus(fan-fic) Chapter 4 - Hammer of Might

Title: Chapter four: Hammer of Might
Fandom: Shadow of Colossus
Summary: Onom slays his third colossi and more...
Author: Eric (Steppinrazor88)
Rating: PG-13 [Language]
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or the game rights, please don't sue

Chapter Four: Hammer of Might

Onom realized he was having another one of those dreams when he came to.  He was back in the village from the first time, but this time something was going on.  Everyone was rushing towards what appeared to be the center of the village.  "Come on Wander!" a little boy yelled at Onom as he ran by.  "I guess I'm in this guy's body again" Onom thought to himself.  He watched as Wander followed everyone and came to what looked like a stage setup in the middle of the road. On the stage stood a group of girls, one of them was the young Mono he had met in the first dream.  She looked sad, all of the girls looked sad, one was even crying. 

"I had no idea it was already time for another sacrifice!" an old lady near Wander said aloud.  "Sacrifice!? So they're going to kill one of those girls?" Onom thought once again to himself.   He tried to move but remembered he was just looking at some one's memory and there was nothing he could do.  He watched as a muscular masked figure walked up on the stage.  The masked man looked over all the girls for what seemed like forever.  He finally grabbed a girl and walked off the stage with her.  The other girls all seemed relieved, they had just missed being picked to die.  Mono was among the girls and she smiled for a moment, then frowned as she watched the masked man and the young girl he had chosen disappear. 

Onom woke up from the dream and he was once again in the Temple.  He once again had no bruises or anything from his fight with the colossus. He stood up and looked around, noticing that another statue had been destroyed.  "If it wasn't for us, you would be dead right now!  Don't be so careless, we need you even if you are just a mortal." the Dormin yelled.  Onom smirked a little when he heard them say they need him and replied, "I'll try to be more careful, I really am sorry, but how else was I supposed to kill that thing?"  The Dormin ignored his question and said "Your next foe is to the south.  Unlike the one's you have fought before, this one has a weapon and isn't scared to use it." 

Onom could tell that Dormin had once again left.  He sighed and made his way out of the Temple.  Savior neighed at the sight of Onom and walked towards him.  He petted the old horse for a little and decided to find some fruit and water to feed him.  He mounted Savior and started heading south.  He could make out a forest in the distance and headed for it.  After a few minutes of hard riding, they arrived at the entrance.  Onom got off Savior and led him into the forest.  In no time he spotted a little pond and he let Savior drink from it.  He found a few lizards and started to cook them while shooting apples and pears down from trees.  He feed the fruit to Savior and then ate the cooked lizards and drank from the pond.  He then rested for a few hours in the shade of the trees. 

When he woke up, he noticed it was getting dark outside.  "I better hurry up for it gets to dark to see!" He thought to himself and he and Savior left the forest.  Once outside the forest, he lifted his sword up to the sky to see where he should go.  There was barely any sunlight left and he could barely make out the beam of light pointing towards a cliff.  He looked up at the cliff and could just make out something moving.  He mounted Savior and started out for the base of the mountain.  The base was farther than he thought and by the time he reached it, it was pitch dark outside.  "There's no way I can climb this mountain tonight, it's dark and I could easily fall." Onom thought.  He got off Savior and went to sleep for the night. 

He woke up just as the sun was coming up that morning.  He got back on his horse and started to make his way up the mountain.  The path got narrower as he got closer to the top and eventually he had to get off Savior and climb by himself.  He finally reached the top of the mountain and was greeted by very large colossus.  It was at least five times bigger than the previous two monsters.  This one also stood on two feet and carried a large hammer.  The giant resembled a warrior from an ancient battlefield.  Onom felt a little scared, that hammer was huge and looked like it was stained with blood.  He unsheathed his sword and started towards the colossus. 

He was going to sneak up on it and go from there, but the giant had other plans.  All of a sudden the colossus turned around and looked down at Onom.  "Shit!  Well I guess there's no need to play it quiet then!" Onom shouted at the monster as he started to run towards the monster's legs.  The colossus took a step back and slammed the hammer down at Onom.  Onom had figured the colossus would do this and rolled several times to avoid getting hit.  He quickly got up and jumped onto the hammer and started to climb it.  "Big and dumb, just as I thought" Onom thought to himself as he reached the top of the hammer.  He started to run towards the giant's arm when he saw the glowing weak point on the giant's hand. 

The colossus started to lift his hammer in the sky to slam it back down to knock Onom off.  Onom quickly reacted and jumped high in the air towards the giant's hand.  He landed on the wrist and grabbed on to the little fur that was there.  He looked down and then fell towards the weak point that was directly under him.  "This is just too easy!" Onom yelled out in joy as he held on with one hand and stabbed with the other.  He was used to the blood by now and wasn't phased by the black liquid spraying onto his face.  He could hear the monster screaming out in pain and he laughed.  He noticed the blue glowing had disappeared and he started climbing up the arm.  Before he got far though, the colossus dropped his hammer and shook his hand, throwing Onom off.  Onom fell through the air hoping this wasn't the end. 

He landed a few hundred yards away from the monster and rolled a few seconds before coming to a stop.  He was sore and bleeding a little from his forehead, but he wasn't injured too badly.  He could sense the familiar feeling of a fire starting to burn inside him.  He felt energized and no longer noticed his bleeding.  He picked up his sword and ran towards the colossus again.  The monster was picking his hammer back up when he noticed Onom had already jumped on it was making his way towards his arm.  Onom then took out his bow and shot several arrows towards the giant's eye and jumped onto his arm.  A few of the arrows hit the colossus's eye and he staggered back a bit from the pain.  Onom used this time to search for the next weak spot.  He almost missed it but he saw it out of the corner of his eye before he gave up.  It was on the monster's back, Onom boldly jumped of the colossus's arm and landed on the monster's ribs. 

"That was lucky!" Onom thought to himself as he made his way around to the colossus's back without much problem.  The giant started shaking his body frantically, he had no idea where Onom had went.  Onom held on for dear life and patiently waited for the opportunity to take out the weak point.  The giant stopped shaking and started running around in circles like a mad man.  Onom laughed and stabbed the blue spot with all his might.  Blood gushed out and Onom drank it in this time while the colossus stopped running and screamed out in agony.  Onom stabbed the point a few more times and was enjoying himself.  When he was in this state of mind, he felt like there wasn't anything he couldn't do.  He stabbed the back one last time as the weak point disappeared and the monster fell to his knees.  "I thought this was the last spot!"  Onom yelled in anger and stabbed the back again. 

He quickly thought about where the next spot could be.  He then remembered that the first colossus had a final weak point on its head.  He quickly climbed towards the neck of the monster and jumped onto its head.  He spotted the final point and ran over to it.  He dropped down to his kneed and brought the sword down as hard as he could.  The monster threw its head back and howled out in pain.  The first monster had did dis and sent Onom flying, but this time Onom was ready for it and held on.  He stabbed the head one last time and jumped off of the colossus as it let out a death wail and then collapsed on the ground. 

Onom felt the rush of killing the colossus again and started to run towards the monster to stab it some more.  All of a sudden he felt the pain in his head again and blacked out.
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