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Sweet Memories

Title: Sweet Memories
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts II
Summary: Axel remembers Roxas...
Author: Eric (Steppinrazor88)
Rating: Light Fluff
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or the game rights, please don't sue

Sweet Memories

"Hi, My name is Roxas!"

Axel kept replaying the first time they had met in his head.  He layed in a realm between Twilight Town and The world that never was, about to die.  He had just helped Sora, who he had spent too much time hating to realize that if it wasn't for Sora, there would be no Roxas.

 Axel thought back to the times before he and Roxas had become more than friends.  He and Roxas would go out on assignments to capture hearts, they would sometimes be together for days.  It was only a matter of time before they wouldn't be able to resist each other.  One day while they were out, Roxas tripped over a rock and Axel caught him before he fell.  Roxas looked up at Axel and smiled shyly.  Axel leaned closer to Roxas as they closed their eyes and shared their first kiss.  Axel could feel Roxas's warm little tongue squirming around in his mouth, he liked it and used his own.

After that day, they were inseparable and held hands when they thought no one was looking.  Members of Organization XIII knew what was going on, but nobody ever said anything about it.  Only one person had a problem with them and that was Demyx.  He had tried to hit on Roxas when he first joined the Organization.  He and Axel had never liked each other and tried to outdo one another every chance they got.  Axel knew he wasn't going to be able to hold on much longer so he shifted his thoughts back to the last time he was with Roxas before he left. 

"Don't you ever wonder who you were created from Axel?" Roxas said in between licking his sea-salt ice cream bar.  Axel got up from his seat and walked to look out a window.  "No, not really.  Why?"  He turned around to face Roxas and noticed he had stopped eating and looked worried.  "I don't know....I want to know why only I can use the keyblade.  I must have been created from a strong heart.  I need to know Axel."  Axel walked back over to Roxas and sat down beside him.  "What do you mean you need to know?!  How do you plan on finding that out?"  Roxas turned to Axel and grabbed his hand.  "I don't know yet, but I do know staying here won't get me any answers.  I'm going to leave tomorrow night, alone."

Axel let go of Roxas's hand and jumped up.  "ALONE!? Why can't I go with you?  I thought we said we would never leave each other willingly?"   He said almost crying on that last sentence.  "I'm sorry but this is something I need to do alone Axel!" Roxas replied sobbing.  They stood there, crying and looking at each other.  Axel knew he wouldn't be able to convince Roxas to let him go.  Roxas stood up and walked over to Axel and grabbed him.  "I'm sorry sweetie, but can we make this a night to remember?"  He smiled up at Axel. 

Axel couldn't say no to Roxas, he had a weakness for him.  That night was the best night Axel could ever remember.  They took turns pleasing each other, doing whatever it took.  Axel pictured Roxas smiling one last time in his mind.  He knew Roxas and Sora would find each other, he had killed a few of his old friends and planned things so they would eventually meet.  He used his last bit of strength to pull out a piece of paper Roxas had left in his pocket that night.  "Don't look at it until we are back together!" Roxas had told him.  He opened the paper and read what it said. 

"You were the only one I liked also"  Axel smiled and he knew he could now die happy.
Tags: axel, kh2, roxas

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